Bringing Sunshine and a Rainbow to Osceola County Courthouse

Bringing Sunshine to Osceola Courthouse

We are blown away by the transformation of the Child Friendly Room at bringing rays of sunshine to Osceola County Courthouse! This room is available to children who have to appear in court so that they do not have to face their abusers. As an attempt to make a child’s time in the court system easier, rooms like this serve as a safe space in a difficult time.

Recent Winter Park High School graduate Leili Moradi earned a Girl Scout Gold Award for her completion of this project and our gratitude! Over several weeks, she worked diligently to create a stunning, colorful mural. She did such an amazing job, we couldn’t be prouder of her efforts. Thank you to the team at Osceola County Courthouse for their vision and for helping to schedule times when Leili and other volunteers could transform the room. Thank you also to the volunteers who helped with this project, you’re our heroes!

If you’d like to volunteer, as well, you can inquire here! The Foundation always needs help and we can find you a volunteer activity you’d be interested in. If you have a creative side, you can let it out on a project like this!