Avery & Justin Learn Responsibility

Avery & Justin are fostered by their grandmother and are a part of our Early Literacy program. After spending some time with their teachers we learned that Justin was hiding his homework from his grandmother so he wouldn’t have to complete it. Our Advocate decided that this was an opportunity to teach them both about responsibility, and the importance of getting their homework done. Afterwards, Justin made a commitment to do a better job and get his homework done everyday.

Avery and Justin arrive at the afterschool center each day feeling famished. Our Advocate noticed that it’s hard for them to focus on their schoolwork because they are so hungry. We were able to secure food and healthy snacks from the Foundation office to give them, so they are able to concentrate a little more. Avery and Justin were elated. “My tummy is happy!”

These siblings light up our day when we see them each week. We look forward to watching them develop and grow through our programs.