The Foundation for Foster Children is a grassroots non-profit that exists to provide opportunities for children in foster care. We fund raise independent dollars from the community to fill in the gaps and provide important opportunities for which there is limited funding for kids in care.

For Foster Youth

Who is eligible for support from the Foundation?

Any individual ages 0-23 who:

  • has involvement through the dependency court, and
  • is case managed out of Orange, Osceola or Seminole Counties,
  • or living in the tri-county area, but case managed out of a different county,
  • and has an open and active case if under 18.

With what kinds of things can the Foundation help?

The Foundation is open to supporting you with a variety of opportunities. Please click here to learn more about the kinds of things we will consider.

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How do I request assistance?

Complete a form online for each individual service being requested and for each individual. Click here to request assistance. We will not review requests sent via email or phone.

How long will it take my request to be processed?

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service with quick response times. After you press submit, you should get a confirmation screen confirming that the request was submitted successfully. We will then review your request and follow up within 10 business days at the most.

Am I eligible if I’m not living in a foster home?

Yes. You may be living in a licensed foster home, group home, with a relative or non-relative or in a transitional home.

For Donors

How are my donations used?

The Foundation for Foster Children (FFC) provides funding to ensure that foster children are afforded the educational and normalcy opportunities they deserve. The Foundation uses donations from generous supporters to grant opportunities to children all year long.

We provide easily accessible funds for the following:

  • Tutoring
  • Athletics
  • Art & Music lessons
  • Field trips
  • School activities
  • Cultural events
  • Summer Camps
  • Aging-out support

Where can I view your financial information?

The Foundation for Foster Children is committed to transparency and has a “Reviewed” portrait on the Central Florida Foundation’s website. You can view all financial and governance information on this page.

How are you different from other foster organizations?

While there are several agencies tasked with keeping children in foster care safe, the Foundation for Foster Children is unique in our sole focus on the emotional and educational needs of children in care. We are also unique in child welfare because we rely on the financial support of the community and individuals through fundraising and are not reliant on government funding. We help to fill in gaps not already being addressed.

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