Our Story

In 2008, the Foundation for Foster Children was formed to address the staggering and alarming statistics surrounding foster children in Central Florida. One of the Foundation’s founding members, who helped the organization become what it is today, is Michelle Chira-Carlton.  Her passion for helping children in foster care began when she observed the foster children her mom worked with at Devereux Florida that were waiting for visitation with their families that day. It was a lobby full of chaos and one little boy sat alone amongst a sea of cubicles, sad because his mom didn’t show up for his visit that day. She says that it was at this moment, she thought, “Now I know what I should be doing.”

Michelle teamed up with three other Central Florida women to establish the Foundation for Foster Children. Since Michelle Chira, Catherine Kirkpatrick, Lara Lee, and Laura Eidson-Cosgrove joined together, they have made it the mission of the Foundation for Foster Children to ensure that kids are able to participate in typical childhood activities, like soccer, dance or summer camp. The mission of the Foundation is to enhance the lives of children in foster care through support and advocacy by creating opportunities for a brighter future.