Celebration club

At FFC, we believe every child’s birthday is worth celebrating! 

Join us in crafting handmade, heartfelt birthday cards for the foster children of Central Florida


Make Cards at home

Join us in creating homemade, heartfelt birthday cards from the comfort of your own home! Afterward, drop them off at FFC's office to be mailed out. Click below for more detailed instructions

Sponsor Supplies

Click below to view our Amazon wishlist for card supplies like paper, stickers, and markers. These materials will be sent to FFC's office for volunteers to use to make cards


Your $200 donation has the ability to cover postage and admin costs, enabling 125 birthday cards to be in the hands of foster youth in just a few short days! Click below to visit our donate page

Enid, during her time teaching kindergarten, discovered the great  disappointment  that children in foster care face when their birthdays are either forgotten or not celebrated.  This realization inspired her and her husband, Paul, to intervene and make a difference.

Their unwavering commitment involves crafting 150-200 meaningful birthday cards for youth in foster care each month. Volunteering weekly, despite the challenges, they ensure these heartfelt cards bring joy to countless youth in Central Florida. This emphasizes the transformative power of empathy and the profound impact of small acts of kindness in creating a brighter future for foster children.

Join Paul and Enid to help bring smiles to the faces of children in foster care as they celebrat their special days! Your simple act of kindness can brighten a child’s brithday and let them know they are loved and celebrated.

Celebration club - FFC

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Click below to view detailed instructions for crafting birthday cards at home!

Your generosity directly impacts lives—thank you for your support!

Together we are creating meaningful connections for children in foster care