The Frank altomari Legacy Fund

The Frank Altomari Legacy Fund serves as a lasting tribute to the memory and legacy of Frank Altomari, a dedicated member of our team and beloved friend who served foster youth with unwavering kindness and commitment for 27 years. This fund aims to celebrate and honor Frank’s legacy through the Heart of Altomari award and investing in the professional growth and development of our dedicated team members. Annually, the Heart of Altomari Award will be presented to foster youth who exhibit qualities of kindness, commitment, and are making a positive impact on others. Also, through staff development initiatives, we honor Frank’s commitment to the development of his colleagues and the advancement of the field.



Frank joined the Foundation for Foster Children in 2020, bringing over 20 years of experience working with youth and young adults in foster care. Throughout his career, Frank’s kindness, generosity, and genuine spirit touched the hearts of all who knew him. Learn more about him here


Every donation makes a meaningful impact and ensures that Frank’s dedication to improving the lives of foster youth lives on. Donate here


Do you know a foster youth who embodies kindness and compassion, resilience, generosity, determination, and commitment to personal growth? You can nominate them for the Heart of Altomari Award. This is the perfect opportunity to recognize and support foster youth. Nominate a foster youth here.


Each year, through the Frank Altomari Legacy Fund, the Heart of Altomari Award will be awarded to foster youth who embody the values and qualities exemplified by Frank. These awards will not be based on academic or extracurricular achievements but rather recognize and support foster youth who exhibit kindness, resilience, a commitment to personal growth, and dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of others. Nominate a foster youth here.

Criteria for Award Nomination

- Kindness and Compassion: Nominees demonstrate genuine kindness and compassion towards others, fostering a sense of belonging and support within their community.

- Resilience and Determination Nominees exhibit resilience and determination in overcoming personal challenges and adversities, inspiring others through their strength and perseverance.

- Commitment to Personal Growth: Nominees demonstrate a commitment to personal growth and development, striving to achieve their goals and fulfill their potential.

- Positive Impact: Nominees make a significant positive impact on the lives of foster youth or their community, whether through acts of kindness, advocacy, leadership, or service.


Ensuring Frank’s legacy continues to inspire and uplift foster youth, the Heart of Altamori Award will be awarded annually.


Nomination period opens for the Heart of Altomari Award.


Nomination period closes, and selection committee begins reviewing nominations.


Selection committee convenes to select award recipient(s).


The Heart of Altomari Award is presented during a special ceremony.


recognize and support AN EXCEPTIONAL foster youth

Continuing Frank's Legacy

Staff Growth & Development

Frank was a leader who believed in the power of investing in people. His support and mentorship were crucial in helping his colleagues achieve their full potential. By supporting staff development initiatives, we aim to continue Frank’s legacy of nurturing and empowering the next generation of leaders within the foster care system.

Together we are creating meaningful connections for children in foster care