Frank Altomari — Senior Advocate - In Loving Memory

Frank Altomari, a cherished member of our team, passed away on January 27, 2024, leaving behind a legacy of compassion and dedication that will forever inspire us. With heavy hearts, we honor his memory and the profound impact he made during his time with us.

Frank joined the Foundation for Foster Children in 2020, bringing over 20 years of experience working with youth and young adults in foster care. Originally from Westchester County, New York, Frank graduated with a degree in psychology from the State University of New York in 1992, laying the foundation for a career defined by compassion and service. Following graduation, he relocated to Central Florida where he would serve foster children for 27 years.

The challenges inherent in supporting foster youth are immense, requiring boundless empathy, patience, and commitment. Frank approached his work with unwavering passion and dedication, embodying the true essence of service. Prior to joining the team at the Foundation, Frank worked as an Independent Living Case Manager, assisting young adults aged 16-23 in gaining life skills and self-sufficiency skills, and transitioning out of foster care.

In joining the Foundation, Frank brought a wealth of knowledge and a profound dedication to his role as an Advocate. He focused on strengthening independence and supporting the individual goals of foster youth aged 14-24, developing meaningful relationships and providing personalized advocacy, planning, and coaching to ensure their success.

In recognition of his exceptional leadership and commitment, Frank was promoted to Senior Advocate, where he provided supervision and support to a growing team. In this role, he continued to advocate for foster youth while also mentoring and guiding his colleagues. Frank’s impact extended beyond his direct interactions, as he played a vital role in developing a new generation of foster care advocates and leaders.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, whether he was spending time with family, surfing the waves, or immersing himself in the melodies of reggae, punk rock, and jazz, Frank approached life with a spirit of adventure and joy. Frank infused our workplace and lives with the same spirit of adventure and joy that he so passionately lived. He brought an infectious enthusiasm that made every day brighter, reminding us to embrace life’s journey with zest and optimism.

Throughout his career, Frank’s kindness, generosity, and genuine spirit touched the hearts of all who knew him. He possessed an extraordinary ability to see people for who they truly were and created a space where everyone felt valued and respected. His career stands as a testament to his remarkable character and unwavering commitment to others. Frank not only met the needs of foster youth but also provided them with hope, guidance, and a sense of belonging. His enduring impact on the lives of these vulnerable individuals is immeasurable and serves as a testament to his compassion and dedication.

Frank epitomized our mission to create meaningful connections for children in foster care through personalized support. We are grateful for the privilege of having known him and for the profound impact he made on our lives and on the lives of the youth we serve. He will be deeply missed, and his legacy of kindness, compassion, and service will continue to inspire us each day.

Frank Altomari Legacy Fund