Shakira McGowan — Impact Coodinator

Shakira is a multifaceted individual who was raised in Orlando, FL and enjoys a good adventure. Even though she harbors a deep love for travel, her heart lies in her hometown. 

With over five years of dedicated full-time ministry under her belt, she has actively engaged in community outreaches, connecting with individuals in need, and addressing the practical needs of the city. Her heart has ignited a profound passion for helping people and making a positive impact. 

In her free time, Shakira is often found behind the camera, capturing beautiful moments like proposals and engagements. Photography is one of her many passions, just like her writing ministry. Writing serves as her healing companion, allowing her to express and reflect on the rich tapestry of life’s adventures.

Beyond her professional endeavors, life’s simple joys beckon her. Shakira finds solace in car jam sessions, delights in culinary adventures, and immerses herself in the allure of a board games. She is deeply committed to supporting meaningful causes and exploring diverse cultures, each day an opportunity for personal growth and embracing the richness of life’s non-linear path.