Summer Camp 2022

Summer Camp is an incredible opportunity for children ages 5-17 to enjoy new experiences outside of their everyday routines and school. In collaboration with Embrace Families Community Based Care, the Foundation for Foster Children is accepting requests for Embrace Families CBC children from Seminole, Orange & Osceola counties (does not include other CBC children placed here from out of area). This is intended to allow children to have unique opportunities and is not meant to meet a need for childcare.


The Foundation is offering a limited special funding for any summer camp request that is received during the next 15 days. Starting on April 28th until Wednesday, May 13th youth who reside in Orange County can benefit from special funding that could cover for multiple weeks of Summer Camp! Submit your request now and our Foundation team will work with you to make the best of this summer!


  • Summer camps must fall between May 26th and August 9th.
  • Camps should be age-appropriate, individualized, and wanted by the child.
  • Please submit requests as soon as possible due to limited summer camps and openings due to COVID-19.
  • Due to limited funding, requests over $250 or for camps longer than one (1) week or overnight camps may not be approved. If the child requires more than one (1) week for caregiver work purposes or other circumstances, please submit your request to the Foundation link below, and it will be reviewed by Embrace Families Network Resources staff for approval.
  • For children who may qualify for children’s mental health (formerly known as FSPT) funding because they are in therapy or received a mental health diagnosis in the past 12 months, please submit your request to the Foundation, and it will be reviewed by Embrace Families Network Resources staff prior to approval.

For children with an active Family Support, In-Home, or Post-Adoption case requiring summer camp for emergency placement stability purposes only, please complete the online form and these requests will then be reviewed and approved by Embrace Families directly.

It takes 5-7 business days to process a request. Please complete your request for funding in an adequate amount of time before the child’s start date.