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Youth that are working directly with one of our Advocates on staff are set up to learn crucial life skills through monthly themed workshops. Our Amazon wishlist includes all of these themed items, ranging from self-care to transportation. 

Shop our Empower Amazon wishlist here! 

Empower workshop calendar for reference:

February – Relationships & Communication 

March – Money Management 

April – Self-Care

May – Housing 

June – Transportation 

August – Employment 

September – Daily Living 

October – Post 18

November – Friendsgiving

In partnership with the Department of Children and Families (DCF), The Foundation for Foster Children provides emergency backpacks and duffels to child protective investigative centers. These centers each contain Safe Spaces where a child can stay throughout their time there, ensuring that foster children in Central Florida have something of their own when they enter care.

Shop our Safe Spaces Amazon wishlist here! 

  • $25.00 Visa Cards
  • Pack N Play
  • Kids toothbrush
  • Kids Comb and Hairbrush
  • Kids Hand Soap
  • Kids Nail Clippers
  • Kids Shampoo & Sensitive Skin Body Wash
  • Kids Bath Towels
  • Case Diapers – Size 4
  • Case Pull-ups Size 4T
  • Cases of Children Wipes
  • Infant Clothes Size 0 – 12 Month
  • Infant Shoes Size 1 – 3
    Girls Clothes – 12 Month – 4T
  • Girls Underwear all sizes
  • Girls Training Bra
  • Boys Underwear (all sizes)
  • Boys Clothes 12 Month – 5T
  • Boys and Girls Socks
  • Boys Shoes Size 10 – 11
  • Girls Shoes Size 6
  • Sippy Cups

Support our ENRICH and EMPOWER programs on their mission to provide normalcy, resources, and advocacy needed as children in the foster system make their way through life. Together we can relive some of the financial obstacles foster children and youth face. You can help our students by donating clothes and baby items!

All men’s, women’s, children and infant clothing including: Outerwear, underwear, shoes, ties, shirts, dresses, blouses, sweaters, pants, hats, handbags, purses, swimsuits, sandals, shorts, sleepwear, jeans, T-shirts and formal wear.

Baby items: Diapers, wipes, baby bottles, formula or other baby food, pacifiers, breast pumps, baby care items. 

Kindly note that we only accept new items for us to distribute to our youth!

Support our ENRICH program on its mission to relieve the financial obstacle facing children in foster care so that they can participate in activities that provide positive life experiences. You can help our students by donating tickets to the amusement parks, movie theaters, events, fairs, gift cars and more!

Tickets: Disney, Universal, Aquatica, SeaWorld, Volcano Bay, Fun Spot, etc!

Gift Cards: Visa Gift Cards* Movie theaters, Dave and Busters, Target, Walmart, Fast food restaurants, etc.

*Visa Gift Cards are the most convenient type of gift card you and your family can donate to the Foundation since it is not attached to a specific vendor. You can purchase those on Amazon

Support our ENRICH programThe holiday season is around the corner and you can give the gift of joy! We are so grateful for your support!

When purchasing gifts, please follow these guidelines:

• Gifts for teenagers are especially appreciated.

• Please don’t wrap gifts (wrapping paper and gift bags donations are appreciated)

• To prevent loss, please keep gift cards and monetary donations separate.

• We only accept NEW ITEMS.

• Be creative as youth have many different interests


• Children: Toys and coloring books, PlayDoh, LEGOS, playing cards, board games

• Clothes for children and young adults 0 – 24 years old

• Tickets or Gift Cards (tickets to amusement parks or shows, Visa Gift Cards,

or any other retail store)

• Filled Stocking Stuffers (fill them with candy, small gifts, etc)

• Headphones and/or small electronics

• Older Youth: Retail gift cards such as Game Stop, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross,

Burlington, Walmart, Target, Sephora, ULTA, Bath and Body, Amazon, Nike,

Adidas, Five Below, IKEA, etc.

• Art supplies, crafts, etc.

• PlayStation/Xbox and games.

• Fishing/Outdoor equipment.

• Sports equipment.

Together we are creating meaningful connections for children in foster care