The Foundation is a resource for youth ages 18-23 years old who are living on their own and trying their best to navigate through life. For teens leaving the foster care system, there is rarely a support network like that of family to help with registering for college, building a budget or providing a hot meal when money is tight.  Not only can the Foundation assist with basic needs, such as providing household items upon moving in to a new place, tutoring and helping to fund driving lessons, but we also connect these youth to caring individuals through the EMPOWER mentoring program designed for youth ages 17-23 years old. EMPOWER mentors are volunteers who have received training specific to the needs of foster youth.  Youth are matched with their mentors based on similar interests and work with them to develop goals based on life skills the youth desires to learn.

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EMPOWER Request Forms

EMPOWER Survey for Services Received

Assistance will be considered for the following requests:

  • DATA Course
  • Driving Lessons
  • Exam Fees
  • Household Items
  • Housing Assistance
  • Laptops
  • Textbooks/School Supplies
  • Transportation assistance
  • Tutoring
  • Other Requests

For more information on the EMPOWER mentoring program or support, please contact Kristine Persaud at  kpersaud@foundationforfosterchildren.org or (407)443-8131.