Carlos Soto — Advocate

Have you ever witnessed someone throwing away a perfectly broken mirror? Well, Carlos thinks not all of us see broken mirrors. Maybe those broken pieces represent pieces of a full image. Carlos has always maintained that where there is a broken piece, we must believe there is framework that is waiting to mend those pieces into one. At the end of the day, that is who we are as people. Scattered, sometimes broken, scared and renewed from our former or perceive self.

Always up for the challenge of mending, filling, and molding. Carlos has always had a burning desire to put his hands to work and his mind to rest. As a young boy Carlos was faced with a harsh reality of being separated from his father. He and his siblings all had to fill in the void for each other. Although traumatic, Carlos developed resilience and learned to replace or create the pieces missing from what we regard as a “normal” childhood. Carlos brings that same mental fortitude to the Foundation for Foster Children. Children deserve a normal childhood. Maybe it is up to the willing to show that child love, compassion and guidance. Maybe, just maybe that is the most normal experience that child could ever have.