Odette Alvarez — Education Coordinator

Joining as an intern in January 2020, Odette has grown through the Foundation, now working as Education Coordinator overseeing the Early Literacy Initiative! A recent graduate of the University of Central Florida earning a degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Communication, Odette hopes of continuing her studies toward becoming a child trauma psychologist by pursuing her master’s in Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health.

Born in Cuba, Odette and her family migrated to Miami at a very early age. As an immigrant, the community around them was often the place to turn to when needing support. Through struggles and persistence, Odette was inspired by the compassion and impact a close-net community can make. This led to finding her true passion in helping others. With interests in writing, Odette hopes to shed light on stories surrounding youth in the greater Orlando area. Thus, bringing awareness to everyday trials and stipulations foster youth face.

In her free time, Odette enjoys home-improvement projects, a good Netflix binge marathon, nature trails, and clay making. All accompanied by her 4-legged pup, Oliver, of course!