LaShawn Smith — Advocate

“Lead from the bench…Old Rule: Wait for permission to lead | New Rule: Lead now-from wherever you are” – Ammy Wambach.

We always hear the quote “be who you needed when you were younger”, that is the true mission behind LaShawn’s advocacy. That is the reason why she chooses to serve and lead by example.

Advocate LaShawn Smith is new to Florida by way of Louisiana. She is a Texas native married to a collegiate Track & Field coach, so their lifestyle could take them anywhere. LaShawn is a former track athlete herself and graduate from Iowa State University. She began her career in non-profit while in college as a volunteer and later intern, working with victims/survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. This path eventually led her to becoming a fulltime advocate working in shelter/outreach capacities, and also group homes with youth.

As LaShawn made her way to Louisiana, she then entered the world of Higher Education working in Admissions and recruitment and then moved over to Career Services. She brings a unique skill to our team as she is specialized in career coaching and can provide coaching to any of the youth & young adults FFC comes in contact with. She believes in order to build up the worlds next leaders, we as advocates must be there to guide them and teach them the skills they need to be successful.

“I am so excited to be in Florida and look forward to making a difference with you of the youth I’ll serve at FFC”