Antonio Galvao — Educate Program Coordinator

Tony Galvao is a first-generation United States Citizen born and raised in the Philadelphia metro area. As the first-born son of two Portuguese immigrants, He uses his knowledge and experiences to educate those around him to believe in the possibility of a more just and equitable future for all. His skill set, passion, and education have found him as an advocate at the forefront of sustainable economic development of the Greater Orlando Area.

In his free time, Tony enjoys being active in his community. He has recently agreed to become a member of the Orange County Government Community Action Division’s Advisory Committee for the neighborhood that he resides in – Holden Heights. Volunteering and making meaningful connections in the community has been fulfilling for Tony in many ways, including both in his personal life and his career. Creating meaningful connections is something that Tony values most; he believes that this value aligns perfectly with the mission of FFC. Tony hopes to stay and grow alongside FFC for years to come and continue to create meaningful connections for children in foster care through personalized support.