Theresa Bradley — Communications Chair

Cairn Marketing, Inc.

Theresa Bradley has extensive experience developing and leading marketing and communications for mid-size to Fortune 100 companies. Her expertise in marketing spans a wide range of product categories – from Hollywood movies to healthcare.

Theresa founded Cairn Marketing to support clients who wanted to build strong brands and sales through effective communications. Her clients include hospitals, a nurse-staffing agency, medical-simulation companies, trade organizations and nonprofits.

Prior to launching Cairn Marketing, Theresa was marketing director for Duke Energy. She began her career in the ad agency business, developing regional advertising/public relations campaigns for national organizations: McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Paramount Pictures. She has extensive experience in all major media.

For eight years, Theresa and her husband fostered children in our community. The experience – one of the most enriching of their lives – motivated them to support the Foundation for Foster Children.