Marsha Robbins — Director

Executive Director, Dramatic Education Inc

Marsha is the founder and Executive Director for Dramatic Education, Inc. She has grown to become a state-wide educational arts advocate, consultant, and change-agent in the area of art.  Dramatic Education, Inc. is an educational arts company that specializes in-school, after-school and summer drama programs. Dramatic education has academic excellence at its core and has been changing children’s lives for the past sixteen years in Florida.

Mrs. Robbins holds a Master’s degree in elementary education and a Bachelor of Arts in theatre management. Mrs. Robbins utilized documented research findings about the “arts” to assist children in developing personal and social skills.  With 8 years of classroom teaching experience and an award-winning program, her classroom success led to a greater endeavor, which is centered on transforming families by developing children with artistic skills to be successful, cooperative participants and recipients in their educational processes.  You can find Dramatic Education in over 60 public, charter, and private Schools serving over 5,000 students.