Providing for Safe Spaces

The Foundation for Foster Children provides emergency backpacks and duffels to child protective investigative centers. These centers each contain Safe Spaces where a child can stay throughout their time there. This ensures that foster children in Central Florida have something of their own when they enter care. We can also provide luggage as needed).

In addition to the backpacks, they are also able to receive the following supplies: a fresh change of clothing, snacks, a hygiene kit, a school supply kit, a colorful pillowcase, handmade blanket, book, and a stuffed animal.

The Safe Spaces and Supplies program helps provide these children with basic items they can keep and allows them to carry some of their valuable personal possessions, with dignity, through difficult circumstances.

Foster children enter care as wards of the state due to abuse and neglect. Due to no fault of their own, these children become a part of the dependency court system. On average 40-65 children per month enter care in Central Florida. Too often, foster children shift from one placement to another and find themselves putting their belongings in garbage bags as they prepare to move. Unfortunately, the message these children often get is that they are disposable.

How can I donate to Safe Spaces?

We rely on dedicated volunteers to re-stock and tidy these rooms weekly. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering for this or other Foundation volunteer opportunities, click here.

One of Central Florida's Safe Spaces    Pine Hills Safe Spaces 2

Pine Hills Safe Spaces