"In order to have a chance at a productive life, a child must have at least one adult relationship that is positive, caring and long-term."
- Dr. Del Elliot

Would You Like a mentor?

Are you interested in having a mentor?  Someone you can talk to and offer support and get advice on the challenges of being an adult?  LIFEGUIDES is a 12 week volunteer mentor program to assist foster youth ages 17-23 navigate adulthood. LIFEGUIDE mentors receive training specific to the needs of foster youth. Youth are matched with their volunteer mentors based on similar interests and work with them to develop goals and life skills.

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With questions, info@foundationforfosterchildren.org and 407.443.8131

Program Description:

The LIFEGUIDES program offers 17-23-year olds transitioning out of the foster care system a mentor dedicated to providing social and emotional support.  Mentors assist with general life skills training and facilitate the transitions from high school to vocational training, college, or a new job. Through the LIFEGUIDES program, youth who are in out-of-home foster care, extended foster care or those living independently and receiving Post-Secondary Educational Services and Support (PESS), are matched with a supportive community volunteer trained to help them transition to adulthood and independence.

Program Goal

  • To create a supportive relationship in a youth’s life with someone to listen to them and reach out to for advice.
  • To increase the success of older youth from foster care living independently with the necessary life skills to thrive as an individual and contributing member of our community.

Target Population

Youth 17 to 23 years who have been identified for participation in the program. Youth will be in one of the following categories:

  • Approaching Extended Foster Care or PESS
  • Living independently and receiving a monthly stipend
  • Youth who have previously received services from the Foundation for Foster Children and meet the program age requirement

Length of Commitment

The mentor is expected to meet with the mentee at least 1 hour on a weekly basis at the minimum of 12 weeks. We are hoping to form long-term relationships that last into the mentees’ adulthood. After the completion of the 12 weeks, mentors and mentees may choose to mutually continue meeting organically while still receiving support from the Foundation.

Clearance of LIFEGUIDES

Mentors must be at least 25 years of age. All applications received a criminal background check, DMV screening and FBI fingerprint clearance before matching with the youth.

What people are saying about LIFEGUIDES:

“My mentor’s cool – she’s like an older version of me. Except she has a different choice of music.” -Aubrey, mentee

“I feel like I have someone to talk to” – Kamesha, mentee

“I have learned that my time guiding her and belief in her is important to helping her reach her goals but it has also given me a more in-depth knowledge of the issues our foster children face” – Michelle, mentor

“We are like two peas in a pod!” – Jaleeca, Mentee