current needs

  • Handmade Birthday Cards– FFC sends out 160 handmade birthday cards EVERY month! That is a lot of cards for a lot of kids!
  • Graphic Design- We are in need of a graphic designer/marketing expert to donate their time to help us create a consistent message to donors and those we serve.
  • Education+ Pilot- FFC is in need of funding to roll out a new pilot program designed to provide foster children with an educational advocate.  In addition to supporting the new program, funding would be used to hire an additional staff person to handle the increased workload.
  • General Operating Support– FFC has a need for unrestricted funds that can be used to meet the needs of children in foster care as they arise. Examples include: laptop computers, $400; summer camp, average $400/week; and gymnastics class, $80/month.
  • “Expert” Resource Volunteer Bank– We are in need of volunteers qualified to assist the Foundation and foster youth with things like financial planning and education, driving lesson instructions, and help purchasing a car for the first time.
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