Gift Card Collectors/Giving Tree Gurus

Giving Tree Gurus are a key component in the Foundation for Foster Children (FFC’s) ability to fulfill its youths’ needs for enrichment items. This is made possible by soliciting gift cards to stores like Walmart, Target, Visa, and Amazon.

Primary Qualifications:

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to share with others the FFC story and the need for Giving Trees.
  • Ability to highlight the impact of FFC’s work to the youth it serves.
  • Ability to take a picture that can be used in conjunction with the activity.

 Time Commitment: We hope each Giving Tree Guru will complete at least 1 Tree a year. (FFC’s annual goal is to have a minimum of 20 Giving Trees completed per year.) For the individual volunteer, the time commitment would be 4-8 hours weekly.  Please note: There is a great need for these trees during the months of October – November.

*During non-holiday periods, volunteers may request that organizations host a gift card drive.