Are you interested in helping older foster youth? Making a difference in a youth’s life isn’t as complicated as you may imagine.

On-boarding for the Empower Mentor Program is scheduled for October 2020.

Program Description:

The Empower Mentor Program is facilitated by the Foundation for Foster Children developed to create or strengthen emotional, educational, and social support for current or former foster youth placed in Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties in Florida. The program is developed to assist 17-23 year olds with continuation of their education and with general life skills training who are in out of home foster care, extended foster care or those living independently and receiving Post-Secondary Educational Services and Support (PESS).

Program Goal:

  • To create a supportive relationship in a youth’s life with someone to listen to them and reach out to for advice.
  • To increase the success of older youth from foster care living independently with the necessary life skills to thrive as an individual and contributing member of our community.

Length of Commitment:

The mentor is asked to commit to one year of the Empower program.

Task Based Groups:

  • Life Skills, Budgeting and Transportation
  • Career Exploration, Technology and Academics
  • Outdoor Adventures, Activities and Sports
  • Art, Creativity and Culinary
  • Mind/Body/Spirit Holistic Wellness

Applicant Requirements:

– Minimum age 18

– Complete Empower Mentor Application

– Have 3 references complete reference form and be willing to follow up by phone

– Schedule and attend interview with FFC Empower team

– Provide copy of driver’s license and insurance verification

– Pass a criminal background check

– Attend Mentor Orientation

With questions, contact Kristine Persaud at and 407.422.4615.

If you are an existing mentor, please check out our helpful resources.

What people are saying about EMPOWER:

“I feel like I have someone to talk to” – Kamesha, mentee


“I have learned that my time guiding her and belief in her is important to helping her reach her goals but it has also given me a more in-depth knowledge of the issues our foster children face” – Michelle, mentor


“We are like two peas in a pod!” – Jaleeca, mentee