encouragement and birthday cards

Our goal is to let each child in care know that their accomplishments are important, their goals are attainable, and they have a community who supports them!

How can you help?

Handmade cards are sent to students within the Foundation’s programs. These cards are typically sent after a big accomplishment, birthday celebrations, or just because!

  • Please use 8.5″x11″ cardstock (white or color), folded in half horizontally
  • Cards should not have any names on them (no “to” or “from” [name]).
  • Gender neutral cards preferred
  • Be creative, mindful, and colorful
  • Please do not apply things that stick up on the card – the cards need to be flat for mailing 
  • Greetings for Card Cover:
    Way to Go! Congratulations! You’re a STAR! You Rock!  Well done! You’re amazing! Outstanding! Terrific Work! SuperDuper! Yay!
  • Greetings for Inside:
    We knew you could do it! We are impressed! Keep up the great work
  • Additional Support: Each Encouragement and Birthday card costs Foundation for Foster Children $0.75, including envelope and postage. Supporting postage and envelope costs creates additional value for each dollar leveraged in support of creating brighter futures for kids in care.