COVID-19 Impacts Foster Youth – March, 17th, 2020

Over the past week, older foster youth have begun to feel the effects of shutdowns associated with the COVID-19 virus. While we all have to cope with the uncertainty and lack of socialization that comes with fighting the virus, this can be particularly difficult for older foster youth who may not have other support systems. Many older foster youth work in sectors that have been affected such as the tourism and restaurant industry. They are facing a long road ahead of uncertainty around their employment and future in addition to the uncertainty they already experience living in foster care.

The shutdowns have also affected many of the younger foster youth who are involved in sports, the arts and other group socialization activities. These youth are feeling the sorrow of not being able to meet with their groups and friends who often are key in helping children in foster care cope with their feelings.

The Foundation for Foster Children (FFC) is working to serve these youth while still responsibly following health guidelines and encouraging foster youth and families to do the same. FFC is reaching out to youth to check up on them during this time and offer assistance and encouragement. FFC is also continuing to serve the needs of foster youth that are requested and our staff are working with them daily.


How you can help:

An online donation is one of the easiest ways to help during this time. Many youth are going to have unexpected expenses that you can help with. Foster families will need additional support with children being home from school in the foreseeable future. Please feel free to click the donate button at the top of the page.


Activities and information to help foster families:

FFC wants to help give some resources for the many foster families that are staying home during this time. The following is a list of resources. Please note these are outside websites monitored and run by other organizations.


Math Fun- Bedtime Math Nonprofit


Museum Virtual Tour- Travel and Leisure Article


Free Education App- Khan Academy


Florida Health Department has daily updates and information